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    [VRChat assumption] Original 3D avatar "Shuri"#MxU工房

    Published from : 2023/11/26 20:43:36

    Product Details

    Thank you for viewing this product. Original 3D avatar intended for VRChat use This is the remake version 2.3 of the fluffy rabbit girl [Shuri]. ☆Shuri-chan won the top prize at Metaverse Collection 12 on June 24, 2023☆ ◆Sample avatars are displayed in this world. https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_035a2859-d85f-4475-b9e5-891978589da7 ◆The unity package of this model is Created with VRChat Creator Companion. ・Unity version compatible with VRChat - This assumes that VCC is installed. *Please prepare this first and import it into Unity before using this model* ・liltoon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 ◆Avatar details (VRChat version ver2.3) ・Number of polygons: 80948 ・Performance rank Very poor ・Height is approximately 140cm ・Lip sync operation confirmed ・PhysBone/facial hand sign both hands set ・VRC upload set up ・Fixed expression menu available (30 types) ・Changing clothes menu (default costume/summer clothes/swimsuit) ・Color change menu (switching between 3 default body colors: white/brown/black ・Hair color change with stepless adjustment) ・Hairstyle change shape key menu (default/medium/long/patton/on eyebrows) ・Accessory on/off menu (ribbon/piercing/sunglasses) *Quest not supported ◆Contents ☆VRChat version_Shuri_v2.3 ・VRC_syuri_v2.3.unitypackage ・PNG texture (white/brown/black/default costume/summer clothes/swimsuit/sunglasses) ・FBX (with body) ·reference image ☆VRM version White/black/brown VRM dataset ・Default costume ・Summer clothes ・Swimsuit We have prepared different hairstyles for each costume. (See images 4, 5, and 6) ◆Operation confirmation ・VRChat version 3 points with PCVR by connecting Quest2 to PC / 6 points with mocopi / Operation confirmed with desktop version ・VRM version Operation confirmed for PCVR/desktop version/smartphone version on cluster ◆Update information 2023/09/22 In the VRChat version, all costumes were displayed when used in MMD world, but now only the default costume is displayed. Shuri v2.3 2023/07/15 The mesh was shifting when I bent the fingertips of my left hand, so I reapplied the weights. 2023/06/23 ・Repaint the weights ・Fixed expression menu ・Changing clothes menu (default costume/summer clothes/swimsuit) ・Color change menu (default costume 3 colors: white/brown/black ・Hair color) ・Hairstyle change shape key menu ・Accessory on/off menu The above has been corrected and added. 2023/06/13 It has been significantly renewed. -Change details- Changed the skirt to swing Adding facial expression shape keys Chemomorphization of limbs, three-dimensionalization of paws Corrected so that hair does not penetrate the face Changed so that facial expressions move in MMD world

    Terms of Use

    ◆Terms of use ・Copyright is not waived. It belongs to Muzuki. -Representing your own work, redistributing, or selling it is prohibited. - Uploading as a public avatar on VRChat is prohibited. ・The installation of pedestals within the world is also prohibited. ・Commercial use is possible for individuals and corporations. Games, videos, and distribution on monetized channels are also OK. Credit notation is optional. ・If you create/sell costumes for this model, please credit the URL of this product page. - Modifications such as color changes are possible. However, it is prohibited to claim that you created the modified textures or to redistribute or resell them. - Please be careful when uploading to VRoid Hub etc. in a state where it can be downloaded by a third party (textures can be reused), as this is redistribution. Credit example 3D model creator: Mutuki https://twitter.com/crazycat___12 Avatar production inquiries https://coconala.com/services/2437940?ref=top_histories&ref_kind=home&ref_no=1 ◆Cancellation/Refund BOOTH does not accept returns or refunds after purchasing downloaded products. Please feel free to contact us if there are any defects or deficiencies caused by our products. *We are not responsible for any troubles caused by use. Inquiry support is mainly provided in Japanese. Or we can use Google Translate if necessary. Inquiry support will be handled in Japanese or translated.