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    Published from : 2023/07/15 10:01:54

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    3D model data intended for use in VRC. Please import VRCSDK3 and liltoon in a new project before importing UnityPackage. The manual is in Japanese. If you need an English version produced, please send a request to DM on Twitter. If we receive many requests, we will consider producing an English version. ◆Twitter hashtags Announcement of updates, etc. "#Killerabbit_ABN For users' screencasts "#ABN_Avatar". We are regularly visiting the site. We will be glad to find your postings. [Details] Height: approx. 155cm (including thick-soled shoes. (Including thick-soled shoes. 147cm for body only) Animated facial expressions: 8 different facial expressions, 16 different eye expressions, 16 different mouth expressions Removable costume and ornaments Weapons can be removed and stored. Adjustable eye line In addition to VRC's default animations, 8 original poses can be used. Three-point tracking and full-tracking are available. Adjustment menu for shoulder and arm angles 【PC Version】 Supports VRCSDK3 Lip-sync and eye tracking supported Supported shader: liltoon Number of materials: 8 Number of triangulated polygons: 66508 Rank: Poor Body: Available PhysBones supported 【QUEST version】 Supports VRCSDK3 Lip-sync and eye tracking supported Supported shaders: liltoon Number of materials: 7 Number of triangulated polygons: 64691 Rank: VeryPoor Body: Available PhysBones supported Some specifications are different from those of the PC version, as they were adjusted to enable the use of elements that are not available in the PC version of the data. Mesh and materials have not been integrated or polygon reduction has not been performed. ◆Modified parts Chainsaw hair band animation has been removed. Adjusted meshes where transparency by shaders was used. The gun removal gimmick using Constrait has been removed and replaced with a blendshape to move the gun in and out. Weapon case opening/closing gimmick removed. Simplified some PhysBones. [Contents] 【PC/QUEST】 Avatar data unitypackage Basic avatar data (FBX, textures, materials, animation files, prefab) (FBX, textures, materials, animation files, preconfigured prefab) Custom sample unitypackage 5 sample avatar data with customized textures and meshes (FBX, textures, materials, animation files, configured prefab) (FBX, textures, materials, preconfigured prefab) Custom texture files A set of data necessary for texture modification and 5 textures used in the custom sample (PSD, CLIP, individual image files, set of sub-color textures) Modification manual Data specifications for the model and a manual on how to modify the model using the data 【VRM files】 Three types of VRM files Standard costume and 2 additional costumes Unitypackage for editing Complete set of data for VRM (FBX, textures, materials, data for various settings) (FBX, textures, materials, data for various settings)

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    [Terms of Use] (In the event of any discrepancy in interpretation between the English and Japanese versions during translation, the Japanese version will be followed.) The terms of use for this model are based on the VN3 license. Outline Secondary distribution: Prohibited Production and sale of costume data: Permitted (provided that the original data is not diverted) Sexual expression: Permitted (segregation required) Expression of violence: Permitted (segregation required) Full text Japanese https://docs.google.com/document/d/1woc93-YFD-eXvF11Vxu13jwd32Y9cCJJdFFDAZ5_DIk/edit?usp=sharing English https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rQss5fWkhGk5-VP8AWIPDXa_cTmiA5Z8IhOuuOiFd5Q/edit?usp=sharing [Disclaimer] The producer shall not be liable for any defects, damages or problems caused by the use of this model data or the user's actions.