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    Published from : 2023/07/10 20:37:46

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    This is a character model designed to be used as an avatar in VR communities. We've prepared unitypackage files for uploading to VRChat, as well as VRM format files. We also include a model file in fbx format, which can be used for other purposes as well. The costume comes in two styles: shorts for a lively impression, and a skirt for a clean and neat impression. # Creator rerofumi (@rerofumi) # Overview - Name: Tilhi - Description: A gentle and quiet wolf girl - Polygon count: 48,404 triangles / Quest version: 31,451 triangles - Texture: 4 sheets / Quest version: 1 sheet - Material: 4 types / Quest version: 1 type - Shaders used: VRC/liltoon, VRM/MToon, Quest/mobile Toon Lit - Facial morph: VRM standard base, VRC animation settings prepared - The VRM model has been confirmed for use in Virtual Cast and cluster. - We also provide a Quest version, but please understand that it's considered 'very poor'. # Contents 3D Model Data - tillhi_0014.fbx (2 types of costumes) - tillhi_0014_pack2.fbx VRM0.x Model - tillhi_wear1_0_v110.vrm - tillhi_wear2_0_v110.vrm VRM1.x Model (Preview Version) - tillhi_wear1_1_v110.vrm Preconfigured data for VRChat SDK3 - tillhi_v110.unitypackage Textures (for fbx) README - README.md

    Terms of Use

    The use is permitted under the Uni-Virtual License. (https://uv-license.com/en/uvl) - Original author notation: "fumi2kick/rerofumi" or "rerofumi" - Licensed character name: "ティルヒ", "tillhi" ■ Uni-Virtual License Individual Provisions - PCU Personal commercial use is allowed - CCU Corporate commercial use is allowed - DDW Creation of derivative works is allowed (Please also see the special notes) - SEU Use for sexual adult expressions is allowed - VEU Use for violent adult expressions is allowed - Remarks There are additional permissions, please see the special notes below ■ Special notes - The creation and distribution of visual works such as games and videos using this data and character are allowed - Use as an NPC character during VR world creation is also within the scope of the license - The creation and distribution of derivative goods using character footage and design are allowed - The creation and distribution of three-dimensional objects using character shape and design are allowed - For characters appearing in these permitted media, the author will not exercise the right to maintain integrity - The author (rerofumi) assumes no responsibility for any trouble or loss caused by the use of this model - The terms of use may be changed without notice at the discretion of the providers rerofumi, fumi2kick