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    FmVrmViewer for Quest

    Sales start date : 2020/12/25 17:04:59

    Product Details

    # What is this? It is an application that you can appreciate the VRM avatar model three-dimensionally with OculusQuest VR HMD. # Requiment Can be used under the following conditions: - Oculus developer registered on Facebook - ADB driver setup is complete - SideQuest is available - Know how to install apk files - Be able to place files below '/sdcard/Oculus/VRM' I don't accept any questions about how to install. # How do I use it? I thought that it would not be good if there was a more casual way to enjoy just looking at the models collected as a collection instead of wearing them as avatars.

    Terms of Use

    - Anyone is free to redistribute. - Do not rename or remove the author name. - 利用に伴い不具合が生じても、作者は責任を負わない