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    Udon 3D model[For game item, VRC ornament]

    Sales start date : 2023/06/24 21:15:43

    Product Details

    3DCG model of udon noodle. A high-poly model and a low-poly model are included. High polygons: For backgrounds of manga or illustrations or movie works. Low polygons: For 3D game items, Place as food samples in VRChat world, Provide your avatars with actions to eat. Specs of included models------------------------------------------------ ハイポリうどん.fbx(High Polygons Udon Noodle): 45382 polygons, 10.4MB It's heavy because different materials are used for each ingredient, noodle, and container. Looks very different depending on shaders and renderers because of propagation and volume. It is intended to be output in Blender's Cycles. ローポリうどん.fbx(Low polygons udon) : 126 polygons, 922KB ローポリうどん容量節約.fbx(Low polygons udon with small data) 126 polygons, 106KB A model with 512pix jpg textures to reduce the data. It can be used for game items, etc. 浮く箸.fbx(Floating chopsticks) 464 polygons, 88KB You can use it in combination with the udon model when exhibiting as a food sample.

    Terms of Use

    [Forbidden] It is prohibited to make it available to anyone other than the purchaser (e.g. uploading it to VRChat as a public avatar). You are free to modify it, but redistribution of the modified version is prohibited. [Permitted] To use this 3D model to create manga or movie or game, or to live-stream. To earn income by doing so.