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    plastic bottles: Green tea

    Published from : 2020/12/18 19:10:48

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    Made by TaiZero(TaiZeroLab™) 176 tri polygons. This is one of the most famous green tea beverages in Japan. Samples are on display at the Vket5 Orbital TaiZeroLab ™ booth!! ◇◆■□Contents□■◆◇ ReadMe_JP.txt ReadMe_EN.txt plastic_bottles_greentea.unitypackage →Ocha_Mat.mat Ocha_Model.fbx Ocha_Prefab.prefab OchaSample.unity(SceneData) Ocha_Tex.png ModelData →petbottle.blend Ocha.fbx Ocha.png Omake.psd petbottle_tex.psd

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    ・ It is assumed that you have agreed to these Terms of Use at the time of purchasing this model. Terms of use are subject to change and the latest ones apply. -The copyright of this model belongs to Tai Zero Lab ™. ・ Reproduction and reprinting of this model as it is is prohibited. ・ Modification of this data is free, and redistribution of modified version of this model is permitted. -This data and its modified data can be used as world accessories and avatars in services with avatar upload function (VRChat, cluster. Virtual cast, etc.). -This data can be used for non-commercial purposes such as games, video works, software, etc., and the modified data can also be used for commercial purposes. -Commercial use of this data is not prohibited, but not recommended. -TaiZeroLab ™ is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by using this model. It is the user's responsibility to use this model. -This model uses free fonts.