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    Pixel Days 5678 Combined 2

    Published from : 2023/07/15 21:08:41

    Product Details

    268 pages of monochrome digital manga, a pdf file. This is a translated Japanese style manga, goes from right to left. This 268-page combined edition contains volumes 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the "Pixel Days" series, an anthropomorphic delusion essay manga that draws Dog (character name) trying out various hobbies, along with anthropomorphic characters of his possessions, in pixel art. In addition, postscripsts has been added to each of volumes 5 to 8. Pixel Days 5: Days of online flea market https://kurobokuya.booth.pm/items/3115555 How do I take pictures? How do I decide the price? How do I pack? Will my first item sell? First try on a flea market site!  Pixel Days 6: Days of vaccination https://kurobokuya.booth.pm/items/3389679 Reservation battles, adverse reactions, and how immunity works.... pixel art of days of the summer of 2021, when people were swayed by the vaccination. In the latter half of the "Inside the Body" section, the workings of vaccines are drawn with anthropomorphic characters. Pixel Days 7: Days of hacking 3D space https://kurobokuya.booth.pm/items/3831452 It's a pain to draw the background of the arcade in my manga.... Yes, I need to make them in 3D! Dog dives into the world of 3D modeling software (physically)! The story depicts how he struggles to create 3DCG backgrounds for a manga while having a hard time operating the software. This work itself is actually drawn in 3DCG. Pixel Days 8: Days of drawing Pixel Days https://kurobokuya.booth.pm/items/4246959 Let's make a device that allows me to draw manga on a tablet while lying down.... Bookshelves made by an amateur is getting distorted.... My window air conditioner is broken and if it is not fixed, I will die from the extreme heat... DIY, life hacks, 3DCG, Dog (character name) who tries various things but is only an amateur at all of them, and his daily life with mysterious anthropomorphic characters that only he can see are drawn with pixel art.... Though it's "Pixel Days", drawn in 3DCG?!

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