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    Published from : 2020/08/13 06:10:47

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    Hello everyone! Good evening! It's PECHIKA! In conjunction with ComicVket1, we are pleased to announce that Pética, our publicist, has published a second doujinshi on the Mokuri Project's shop page! Of course! This is a free download! I'd love for you to pick it up! [Rules] (1) You're welcome to spread the word on social media! However.  The act of selling this data itself on PECHIKA is forbidden!  Please use the extra png data as a wallpaper or icon! (2) All right for personal use!  (You can also use it as a monetization channel for your personal video channel or something! Then again, no commercial use! No malicious spoofing, etc. Oh, all malicious types are not allowed! (Because you can't criticize someone or use them in an act of prejudice that is considered malicious, etc.! All right, everybody! Keep up the good work PECHIKA! [MOKURI project] Official website <http://mokuri.world/> Official Twitter <https://twitter.com/mokuriproject> MEET MY GOODS Official Shop https://meetmygoods.com/LOVEPECHIKA 2020/08/13

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