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    【VRChat avatar】Roast beef dragon-san【Sub arms movable】

    Published from : 2023/06/23 00:16:32

    Product Details

    A dragon girl with a tail, horns, fangs and wings. She loves roast beef, but she can't make it well herself.... This is an avatar of a character from my manga "Pixel Days 2". Wings are sub-arms and trace main arms. When you open your hand, the wing arm also opens. Since the movement of the hands become enlarged, how about this for those who want to express expressions of hands? The facial expression also changes with the shape of hands. -------------------- 231003 Updated VRM(without wings) edition included Added VRM. Because of limitations of VRM, it doesn't have wings. It can be used in NEOKET or other app that can be used VRM files. -------------------- Spec Performance: Good(Both PC and QUEST version) Polygons: about 5400(Differences Between PC and QUEST) Download size:0.85MB Performance is Good, simple and small data avatar with no complicated physbone. *In QUEST version sub-arms do not work. Format: .unitypackage file Includes two files, QUEST and PC version. Includes a jpg file with a brief explanation of unity operation. MToon (used for Vroid avatars, etc.) is used for shaders. You need to download free UniVRM from github. My manga work that Roast beef dragon-san appears -> https://kurobokuya.booth.pm/items/1923137

    Terms of Use

    [Forbidden] It is prohibited to make it available to anyone other than the purchaser (e.g. uploading it to VRChat as a public avatar). You are free to modify it, but redistribution of the modified version is prohibited. [Permitted] To use this 3D model to create manga or movie or game, or to live-stream. To earn income by doing so.