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    [Original 3D model for VRC] Monocular girl "Astr0"

    Sales start date : 2022/11/28 22:28:28

    Product Details

    ◆◆◆Precautions◆◆◆ This 3D model is designed to be used with VRChat for PC. (Quest version is not supported). We have not confirmed that it works with anything other than unity2019.4.31f1. ◆◆◆Product Specifications◆◆ 【Model introduction】 Assuming around 20 years old, she is a single-eyed sister. She has a mysterious and enigmatic appearance. 【Model Data】 Polygon count: △66128 ・Compatible with AVATER 3.0 ・Facial expression parts can be called up on the Exmenu. ・Costume can be removed using Exmenu. ・Lip-sync support ・Eye tracking support ・Blendshape support ・Full body tracking ・Additional parts included (cigarettes, head ornaments) ・expressions:12 ・Materials:11 ・textures:12 ・Shader: lilToon_1.3.4 【Contents】 ・Unitpackage ・Blend data ・fbx data ・png texture data ・psd texture data ・Terms of Use ・Manuals

    Terms of Use

    ----- Terms of Use ----- Enactment Date September 1, 2022 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the time of using this model in the form of avatar use, distribution etc., you agree to these terms of service. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Commercial Use This 3D model "Astr0" is primarily intended to use in VRchat. Also, this avatar can be used to make profit such as video distribution. There is no problem with using this avatar in game production, animation production etc... - Use for R-18/R-18G There are no regulations. - Modification Modification of "Astr0" and its associated datas are unrestricted. - Copyright Modification of "Astr0" and related data and diversion in personal use are unrestricted. However, the copyright of this distributed data "Astr0" and the modified datas belong to "BT_T45" which is the original creator. - Prohibited Matter Redistribution and sale of "Astr0" and its attached model data / texture data will be prohibited, with or without modification. We will prohibit acts such as avatar pedestal of VRchat that allow non-buyers to freely use "Astr0". We also prohibit use for slander, political or religious activities for specific individuals or organizations. - Trouble "BT_T45" does not take responsibility or liability for money, equipment or opportunity trouble caused by using this model "Astr0". For reasons of translation, if there is a difference between the English version and the Japanese version, the Japanese version takes precedence. This Terms of Service may be changed and revised in advance with advance notice. At that time, the agreement will be changed / revised after establishing a period of ten days from the advance notice timing. If you continue to use it even after the period you agree to the changed / revised terms. Please note. Regulator: BT_T45