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    Published from : 2020/02/20 18:31:22

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    This is the original 3D model for VRchat, "Kureha generic type". You can use it outside of VRchat as long as you don't violate the terms of use. We will be exhibiting at Virtual Market 4. If you can post selfies, etc. with the Twitter tag "#Kureha General Purpose Type", I'll be happy to take a peek. _////【Contents】 _////_. kureha_ver01.unitypackage] This is a package of avatars for VRchat. Basic texture in PNG format (5 images) Image for matcap_PNG format 2 pieces 7 types of basic expressions have been set up. 57 types of shapes for expression adjustment 3 types of shapes for breast size adjustment UTS2 is used for shaders (shadows are drawn on the texture, so it can be used with Unlite) Full tracking operation has been verified. Eye-tracking support Lip-sync support (can coexist with 7 basic expressions) Automatic blink is not implemented. DynamicBone has been set (the wings of the head and the bones of the chest shake) Since the skirt is moved by clothe, it can be moved without Daynamic bone. About 145cm in height in VRchat Includes .blend file. A .blend file created with Blender 2.8 is included for modelers. Includes avatar headgear, weapons, and other accessories not yet combined with the pre-fab. It is possible to draw a sword with animation override. The same animation override has a gimmick for turning a small sword with a subarm. Bundled with ver_street VRM for virtual cast included. The "ver_FullArmor "ver_Primitive". "ver_street With the above three VRM format files Since this is the first model sold, I think there is a shortage etc. If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter (@masahito_yomenu).

    Terms of Use

    _/_//【Terms of Use】_____________________________________________. This is a machine translation. The content of the Terms and Conditions takes precedence over the Japanese language. The copyright of this 3D model data belongs to the creator, Masahto. Available range Can be used in VRchat and other media You can also use it for movies and homemade games. Commercial use is possible (selling this 3D model by itself is prohibited). Modification and alteration are possible. However, redistribution of modified models is prohibited. R18, R18G available However, please follow the terms and conditions of the medium you are using. VRchat is not allowed to use modified models that are offensive to public order and morals. Prohibited acts Resale and redistribution of 3D models (It is forbidden to upload to the net in a way that can be stored locally by anyone other than the person who purchased the 3D model; in VRchat, it is possible to upload in the private setting, but not in the public setting. Self-made statement of this 3D model Use for religious or political purposes. Use for the purpose of slander or defamation. The terms of use are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.