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    Published from : 2023/10/11 17:32:26

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    [Meno 3DModel] Limited time only! 1000 yen off ♪ 2023/09/25 to 2023/10/21 (until 18:00) -Product Summary- This is a 3D model intended for use in virtual worlds such as VRChat. Although it is set up assuming use with VRChat, it can be used with other VR social services or converted to VRM and used with each service. Hashtag: #Agate 3DModel ※Recommendation※ ① Since clothes and hair are set to sway, when introducing this package to a project, we recommend that you import VRChat Avatars SDK3 or purchase DynamicBone separately in advance. (If you import this package first, the configured script may cause an error.) The model set in PhysBone is stored in the Prefab folder. A model without a swinging object setting is also included. ② Since it uses the lilToon shader, we recommend importing it in advance. Try-on avatars are now available! You can access the fitting venue in VRChat from the following link. Please try! (Only clothes are implemented in the EX menu of the trial version.) https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_2ea29a4e-df3c-46a8-9ed2-c56ff6ffbc40 [Product contents] Contents 〇Unitypackage This is unitypackage data that contains setup model data. 〇Each FBX data 〇Blend file .blend file created with Blender3.2.2 〇PNG data 〇PSD data for modification Already set up for VRChat. You can import and upload immediately. Humanoid/Full tracking/Eye tracking/Auto blink compatible Can be used for VRchat/distribution/video, etc. Quest version is not supported. [standard] ■Number of polygons (△) Dress Ver:87920poly Private clothes Ver: 73094poly ■Number of bones Dress Ver: 311 Private clothes Ver: 267 ■VRChat performance Very Poor ■Height 150cm ■ Shaking objects etc. PhysicsBone has been configured for VRChat. ■Texture Dress version: 11 types Private clothes version: 12 types Elements etc.: 13 types ■Number of materials Dress version: 5 types Private clothes version: 2 types Elements etc.: 6 types ■Shape key ・LipSync: 15 types ・Shape keys for perfect sync: 54 types ・Order: 38 species ・Eyebrows: 37 types ・Mouth: 36 types ・Face effects: 8 types ・Fixed facial expressions: 27 types ・Body, underwear: 12 types (shape key to reduce the size of the body by part to prevent breast size/penetration) ・Others: 5 types ■Animation ・Crouching/prone/AFK pose available ■Expressions Menu ・Costume/clothes on/off ・Bust size change ・Fixed expression ・Hair color change ■Implemented shader lilToon ■Compatible software ・3D/HDRP project ・VRChat ・AnimazebyFaceRig *It is also possible to use a facial motion app that synchronizes with your facial expressions using a smartphone. ・iFacialMocap ・FACEMOTION3D

    Terms of Use

    ◇◆Terms of Use◆◇ (Establishment date: April 1, 2021) When making a purchase, please check and agree to the terms of use before purchasing. By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms. Additionally, these Terms of Use may be subject to change from time to time, and the latest Terms of Use will always apply. Due to the nature of downloaded products, we do not offer returns/refunds. If there are any discrepancies in these Terms of Use due to translation, the Japanese Terms of Use will apply. For inquiries, please contact us via Booth's message. ▼Copyright Basically, we do not prohibit modifying or modifying the data of "Meno 3DModel" and using it. The copyright of all data accompanying "Meno 3DModel", regardless of whether it has been modified or altered, belongs to the creator "AquraStudio". *Copyright infringement is a crime, and the copyright holder, who is the victim, can punish the infringer by filing a complaint. In addition, it is prohibited to distribute as one's own copyrighted works, such as reusing even a part of the data of this model, retopology, copying, etc., which are recognized to have extremely high similarity even if the data is not diverted. It is prohibited. ▼Permissions ・Personal and commercial use of this model. ・Use with other content (VRchat) is not restricted. ・Publishing content using this model in a state where data cannot be easily retrieved by anyone other than the uploader, such as avatar pedestal/world in VRchat. *Note* When uploading to VRChat on Unity, be sure to make sure Sharing is set to Private before uploading. If you select Public, others can easily copy it, which constitutes copyright infringement. ▼Prohibitions ・Redistribution and sale of this model data and modified data. - Statements or acts that misrepresent the creator of this model data. - Acts that violate public order and morals using this model. ・Using this model to cause a nuisance to those around you. ▼Disclaimer -The producer and distributor are not responsible for any disadvantages caused to the user due to the use of this model. These Terms use the Virtual Native 3D-Model License. Please refer to the URL below for the full terms and conditions. <Japanese version> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_YwHGXJjMeEBlcRlV_O3zUOpWv34UAVl/view?usp=sharing <English.ver> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SCnLUyCd9v2F8mZGP_Fv2xWQKrDFaBix/view?usp=sharing <Chinese version> https://drive.google.com/file/d/17v9b7RiUKD4qDeuSyWyCK61jzxHPYlOm/view?usp=sharing <한국.ver> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d1Rf7BQVsDwmqV_QcbwhuYDwp0_Ougq-/view?usp=sharing