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    [Avatar3.0 compliant]original 【Nishikido】VRC assumption

    Published from : 2020/04/16 20:07:53

    Product Details

    Original Model 【Nishikatsu】 Creator: Nishikido Nishikido_Vre1.2(Version up dated 08 Jul 2023) The changes that accompanied the version up are added below. *Please note that the terms of use are listed below the model description. --------------------------------------- #Contents Model: 1+1 (Quest support) Textures: 3+3 (for Custom) Materials: 3+3 (for Custom) + 3 (for Quest) Animation: 16 + 2 (for Custom) A survival knife unitpackage sold separately is included in the compressed file. Material shaders are liltoon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 --------------------------------------- Regarding #VRChat lip-sync eye tracking Supported. It moves inside the gas mask in response to your voice. Please try it out. 2020/04/12 We have upgraded to support eye tracking !!!!! 2023/07/08 The following fixes have been made Support for Avater 3.0 Change of shaders used. Added a sample prefab for color modification. Uni-Virtual License is adopted. Uni-Virtual License is adopted. --------------------------------------- Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Terms of service By purchasing this model, you agree to the Terms of Use. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change, and the latest version will be applied. -------------------------------------------------- --------------- ・ Model modification is free. It is okay to remove the visor, headphones and backpack from this model. ・ The copyright of this model and the modified model belongs to Nishatsu. -Upload model data such as VRChat of this model and modified model, and permit use for services used as avatars. ・ The above service prohibits the act of allowing the avatar to be used by anyone other than the purchaser. Example: Use of VRChat as a pedestal is prohibited because it can be used by anyone other than the purchaser. ・ Redistribution and sale of this model and modified models are prohibited. -Activities such as virtual Youtuber using this model or modified model are not permitted. Sorry ・ This model and modified model are allowed to be used for games, animations, and apps. ・ You do not need to enter credit when using the model. ・ There are no restrictions on the use of R-18 and R-18G, but what to do is a mystery ・ Politics, religious activities, and use for the purpose of slander against others are prohibited. ・ We shall not be liable for any trouble or loss caused by using this model or modified model. -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Date of enactment: March 2, 2020 If you have any other questions, please contact us. (https://twitter.com/katu_nisi) 【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms. ・Personal Commercial Use ・Corporate Commercial Use ・For Adults, Sexual Expressions Use ・For Adults, Violence Expressions Use For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true&ccu=true&seu=true&veu=true