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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    「VRMusician」UltraBass! Real Playable Bass for Avatars 3.0!

    Published from : 2023/06/13 14:52:52

    Product Details

    The UltraBass is a fully featured playable instrument for VRChat! It is very easy to learn and very intuitive! It features a ton of super cool animations and a huge range of notes with different playstyles available! You can play short notes, long notes, sharp notes, and as fast as you want! It ranges from C1 to C4! Make sure to check the video! You can spin the bass in your hands, throw it in the air, catch it again, drop it in the world too! Become a VR minstrel NOW! You can impress your friends with UltraBass! Learning it is very intuitive and easy, it works with gestures and contacts. It is therefore extremely dynamic. If you already have any of my UltraInstruments, the way it works is the same! Learn one, play them all! We also provide a way to have access to our songbook, where you can learn and share new songs with other people! The bass is very optimised with around 5K triangles, and contains fancy custom VFX for your eyes pleasure. The installation is very easy, can be done by anyone and will take only 5 minutes! It contains an in-depth PDF to guide you. It is compatible with WD OFF and ON!

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