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    Waffle -3Dmodel- VR-SNS Avatar, VRC, Cluster, unity, VRM

    Sales start date : 2022/11/14 22:44:31

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    This is an original 3D model created for VR-SNS. She is a small child with dog ears. This model was created by an individual and may have some imperfections. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please contact us if you have any questions. Contents The main data of this item is fbx and texture (model data). FBX data and textures Texture psd data VRM data VRM data - Unity package for VRC ◆About data for VRC Uploaded and tested with the latest VCC as of 2022/11/6 VRChat SDK - Base 3.1.10 package resolver tool 0.1.17 The left hand hand sign expression has priority, and the expression set for the right hand is displayed only when the left hand is set to the default state. Different expressions are set for the left and right hands. Socks and shoes can be turned on and off from the expression menu. How to install Add a free shader called "liltoon" to unity launched from VCC. Import the free shader "liltoon" beforehand. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Unzip VRC-waffle_unity_x.x.x.zip and import the Import the unity packege. Then you will find a folder named "kantenneko" > "waffle" in Assets. There you will find a folder named "kantenneko" > "waffle". Drag the prefab data marked "wahuru_x.x.x" into the hierarchy. This is the pre-setup data for VRC. Please upload your avatar. There are many websites that explain how to upload avatars in general. If you do not know how to upload your avatar, please contact us. Supplemental information about ◆fbx The body is made thin by using the shape key so that it does not pierce through the clothing. If you set the "shrink" key to 0, the body will be normal. If the material looks transparent when fbx is loaded into the blender Uncheck the "show back" checkbox. ◆Hashtag Please send us videos and photos of your avatar use. #kanten_waffle #kanten_waffle We would appreciate it if you could send us your avatar with #kanten_waffle Contact Basically, we would appreciate it if you send us a message on booth. You can also contact us by twitter DM. kantenneko Shop https://twitter.com/kantennekoya For inquiries by e-mail, please contact us at kantenneko@gmail.com Please feel free to contact us at

    Terms of Use

    The scope of use and prohibited items are described in the VN3 license. As long as the model is not available to others (for your own use) Uploading to Virtual Cast or VRoidHub is also OK. The license can be downloaded from booth https://booth.pm/ja/items/4293964