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    nekorobo -3Dmodel- VR-SNS Avatar, VRC, Cluster, unity, VRM

    Sales start date : 2022/11/14 23:40:08

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    This is the original character, "Nekorobo". For details, please refer to the following ◆Contents 1) For NeosVR (mesh only) fbx data of 3-point mesh of head and hands. ---For NeosVR (mesh only) fbx data of 3 point mesh of head and hands. ②All set In addition to the above data for Neos unity package for VRChat vrm for Cluster are included in the package. Both (1) and (2) psd are included in the texture folder. ---If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. [About avatar data] Shapes are lip-sync only. There are no hand signs or other facial expressions. --- [About avatar data] There are no hand signs or other facial expressions. Upload to VRChat Environment unity version: 2019.4.31f1 Avatar SDK: 2022. Avatar data Performance: EXcellent Polygon count: 1396 Shaders:. PC: liltoon Quest: VRChat mobile / Toon Lit How to install For PC version, please visit liltoon kunosuke https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 After importing the shader "liltoon" from DLL from booth nekorobo_forVRC_v1.0.0.zip in the extracted pc-nekorobo-vrc.unitypackage in the unzipped file. Assets > kantenneko > nekorobo contains a scene file named nekorobo.unity and a prefab. You can either open the scene or place the prefab in the scene. Either is fine. After that, upload it from the VRChat SDK control panel. For Quest, you will find the following files in the unzipped file. quest-nekorobo-vrc.unitypackage in the unzipped file. To upload the Quest version, you need to switch the unity platform to android. It will take some time to switch platforms, so please It may be easier to work with separate unity projects for PC and Quest.

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    The scope of use and prohibited items are described in the VN3 license. Please refer to the product image for details.