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    [Japanese only]VRC UDON gimmick Card rock-paper-scissors

    Published from : 2022/07/24 22:42:28

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    Caution! All descriptions are in Japanese... A competitive card game based on Janken...! Overwhelming reading game...! Compatible with VRCSDK3 Worlds you can check https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_d1d520c5-8faf-4ba6-8cb4-7f3717047415 How to play 1. This is a card game based on Janken (rock-paper-scissors-scissors) in which two players play against each other 2. When both players press the join button, the start button appears. 3. Press the Start button to start the game. 4. When you press the Confirm button, your cards disappear and your opponent's cards are displayed. 5. Select the card you want to play by predicting the cards your opponent will play. 6. Press the Select button again to start over. 7. When both players press the "Ready" button, the battle starts, the effects are processed, and the winner is decided. 8. If you win, you can destroy your opponent's life by the value of the damage. When all the opponent's lives are destroyed, the game is won. 10. Click "Initialize" button to initialize the game. Detailed rules are described in the instruction manual included in Prefab. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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    Terms of Use Redistribution and sale of data is prohibited. 2. Modification of data is allowed, but distribution or sale of modified data is prohibited. 3. Data may be placed in the VRChat world and uploaded for use within the VRChat service. 4. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the use of this data. 5. Release of the source code almost as is is prohibited.