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    Tables/Chairs[Massiv set]3DCG modles for manga line works

    Published from : 2023/06/25 19:26:29

    Product Details

    This set includes many 3D model tables/chairs. Chairs/tables are a pain to draw! This set is designed for drawing line drawings for manga in such cases. It is mainly intended for use with Clip Studio Paint and Blender to create line drawings for manga backgrounds. You can also use them as backgrounds for 3DCG, assets for 3D games, and so on. [230620Updated]---------------------------------------- A white version of each fbx model has been added. Use this version when the color gets in the way when outputting line drawings. *For some reason, only "for 2700革ソファー線画用.fbx" had a bug that caused it to turn black in Clip Studio Paint when the face was turned face up, so the face was turned face down. (Unclear why it draws correctly when facing backwards) 0100大統領のデスク President desk 0120引き出しがいっぱいあるデスク Desk with lots of drawers 0130SF的球体チェアー Sci-fi spherical chair 0140曲げ木机 テクスチャ入り Bent wood desk [With texture] 0141曲げ木椅子 テクスチャ入り Bent wood chair[With texture] 0150オフィスデスク Office desk 0151オフィスチェアー Office chair 0160ガラスコーヒーテーブル Glass coffee table 0161コーヒースツール Xoffee stool 0170ローテーブル Low table 0180ライブハウスのテーブル テクスチャ入り Live house table[With texture] 0190DIYアウトドアテーブル DIY out door table 0191アウトドア折りたたみ椅子 Out door foldable chair 2000三脚カフェテーブル Tripod cafe table 2010曲線椅子 Curved chair 2100和風机 Japanese-style desk 2110座布団 Zabuton 2200朽ちたベンチ テクスチャ入り Dilapidated bench[With texture] 2300ソファ小 Sofa small 2300ソファ大 Sofa big 2400会議室机 Conference room desk 2410ゲーミングチェアー Gaming chair 2500食堂の机 Cafeteria table 2510食堂の椅子 Cafeteria chair 2600結婚式場の大机 Wedding hall large table 2610籐椅子 Wicker chair 2700革ソファー テクスチャ入り Lether sofa[With texture] 2710中国机 テクスチャ・ノーマル入り Chinese desk[With texture, normal]

    Terms of Use

    [Forbidden] It is prohibited to make it available to anyone other than the purchaser (e.g. uploading it to VRChat as a public avatar). You are free to modify it, but redistribution of the modified version is prohibited. [Permitted] To use this 3D model to create manga or movie or game, or to live-stream. To earn income by doing so.