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    【VRChat Avatar】Shiba Inu

    Published from : 2022/02/17 20:39:21

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    ● This is a 3D model of a Shiba Inu that is intended to be used as an avatar on VRChat. ● The Rotation Constraint component is used to copy the movement of the front legs to the bones for the copy of the back legs, so that they move on all four legs. ● You may use it in games other than VRChat, or use it in video works, games, etc., including commercial use, but we cannot guarantee that it will work outside of VRChat. ◆!Precautions!◆ ・Full tracking is not supported. ・Quest is not supported. (( Contents of the product )) ◇ The contents of the ZIP file that can be downloaded after purchase are as follows. ● FBX folder  └ FBX files ● UnityPackage Folder  └ UnityPackage ● Texture folder  ├ Icon...Ex menu icon image (PNG)  ├ OutlaineMask...Outline mask (PNG)  ├ PSD...PSD file for texture modification   ├ Japanese file...Each layer name is in Japanese.   └ Englith file...Each layer name is in English.   ├ Texture (PNG)  └ UVMap (PNG) (( Specifications )) ・Number of polygons...(△face) 24,568 ・Bone standard...Humanoid ・Number of textures x 2 (2048x2048, 1024x1024) + outline mask x 1 (512x512) ・Overall Perfomance...Good ・Three color variations (red hair, black hair, and white hair) You can change the color by changing the material from the Expression Menu. ・2 basic materials + 2 materials for color change ・Lip-sync support ・Automatic blinking is supported. ・Eye tracking support ・Shaders used: Sunao Shader (1.5.3) ・7 types of facial expressions (set to right-handed hand signs) ・Two blendshapes for expression editing (for mouth modification / tongue protrusion) ・Two types of tail animations (set to the left hand) ・The tail and both ears can be shaken with PhysBones.(No purchase of DynamicBone is required.). ・The walking motion,sitting motion,and AFK motion have been changed to the original ones that I made myself. ◆ List of bones for Dynamic Bone ◆ ・Tail...Tail.000~Tail.002 ・Right ear...Ear.R ・Left ear...Ear.L ◆ List of animations set for hand signs ◆ ● Right hand  ├ Fist...Smug face  ├ Hand Open...Smile  ├ Finger Point...Smiling  ├ Victory...Smiling  ├ Rock N Roll...grimace  ├ Hand Gun...Sadness  └ Thumbs Up...Anger ● Left Hand  ├ Fist・RockNRoll...Tail_move (move tail widely)  ├ Hand Open, HandGun...Tail_little move (small tail movement)  └ Hand signs other than the above...Tail_not move (stop tail movement) ◆ The Structure of Quadrupedal Walking ◆ ・This product reproduces quadrupedal walking by copying the movement of the forefoot bones to the hind leg bones using Rotation Constraint. ・This product uses Rotation Constraint to copy the movement of the forefoot bones to the hind legs. ◆ About UnityPackage ◆ Please import the VRCSDK before importing the UnityPackage. The shaders (Sunao Shader) are included in the UnityPackage, so you do not need to prepare them. ◆ What to do if your avatar bends down? ◆ ・If there is too much difference between the user's height and the avatar's height, the avatar will bend over. ・If there is too much difference between the user's height and the avatar's height, the avatar will bend over. If this happens, please go to the SETTINGS tab on the menu screen and lower the User Real Height item. ◆How to upload an avatar ▪ First start a new project with Unity 2019.4.31f1. ▪ Download the VRCSDK3 from the VRChat download page and import it into Unity. Next, unzip the Shiba Inu zip file you purchased and import "Shiba Inu.UnityPackage" in the folder with the folder name UnityPackage into Unity. Then, shaders and a folder named "Shiba Inu" will be added to Unity.  In addition, there is a folder named "Prafab" in the "Shiba Inu" folder. Drag and drop "Shiba Inu.Prefab" into the Hierarchy window, select VRChat SDK from the upper tab, and upload your avatar from the Show Control Panel. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    *By using this product, you agree to the Terms of Use. ・However, the copyright of this model is held by me (Zero Niimi), the creator.  ・However, the copyright of this model belongs to the creator, Zero Niimi. ・Resale or secondary distribution of this product or modified versions of this product is strictly prohibited. ・NFT of this product or works using this product is prohibited. ・The use of this product in information products, their advertising activities, or advertisements is prohibited. ・Uploading to the public is prohibited when using VRChat. ・It is prohibited to make this product available for reuse by anyone other than the purchaser, even if the product is used outside of VRChat. ・We are not responsible for any damage caused by the purchase of this product. ◇If you have any questions or problems, please contact us here (↓).   https://twitter.com/rei_niimi 新美零@rei_niimi