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    「MOMO」Original 3D model

    Published from : 2021/05/31 10:56:36

    Product Details

    Original 3D model "MOMO" Producer: Lantana This model is a 3D model that assumes the use of avatars on the PC version of VRChat. * VRM file was added (2021.2.7) * Added the function to create a new face animation (2021.2.21) * Compatible with Phys Bone(2022.4.28) ✿ Features ✿ Supports face animation switching by hand sign etc. By using the animation by bones, we were able to realize movements closer to those of anime characters. A lively avatar expression is possible by interfering with motion, facial expression, and lip sync (Unitypackage version). Also, by collage each part of the face animation, you can create a new facial expression according to your taste. ✿ Basic specifications ✿ (Unity package version) ・ Produced with VRC_SDK3.0. ◯ Number of polygons: 59406, number of bones: 627 ◯ Performance Rank: Very poor ◯ Supports lip sync, automatic blinking, and eye tracking ◯ Full tracking support ◯ Phys Bone set (hair, dress) ◯ Use Unity-chan Toon Shader Ver.2.0.7 ◯ Animation ・ 27 types of face animation (hand sign support: 12 types, Expression Menu support: 15 types) ・ 15 types of lip sync ・ 7 types of hand signs ・ Sit, jump 2 types (VRM version) 〇Blend shape 36 types of blend shape that can change the facial expression for each part 〇 Spring Bpne, Collider already set ● Points to keep in mind * The number of bones exceeds 400 due to a new attempt to make face animation. Therefore, please note that the Performance Rank is Very poor before purchasing. Even if you change your clothes or hair, the face animation will work without any problem. * Animation does not work in the VRM version. * A new face animation can be composed of 4 types of eyebrows, 11 types of eyelashes, 6 types of eyes, 3 types of cheeks, and 13 types of mouth, and it is possible to edit nearly 10,000 if only the combination is used. * Avatar 3.0 is still being updated, and there is a possibility that malfunctions may occur due to specification changes. * Please be sure to read and understand the terms of use before using. ✿ Contents ✿ (Unitypackage) ・ MOMO.unitypackage ・ MOMO.fbx, MOMO sotai.fbx ・ Texture file ∟png ∟psd (layered by parts) ∟clip (layering by parts) UV map is included in the above file ·text file * Data for the body is included. Contains body data for changing clothes (VRM) ・ MOMO_VRM.zip It will be the data containing the VRM file (separate zip file) There are 36 types of blend shapes that can change the facial expression for each part. Perfect sync is not supported. ✿ Introduction method ✿ (Unitypackage) ・ Confirmed version unity2019.4.31f1 VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. Create a new Unity project ↓ Import VRCSDK3 ↓ Import MOMO.unitypackage ↓ Open the scene file and upload it to VRChat privately * Please use the latest version of VRCSDK3 that is officially distributed. You can use it by the method described on the "VRchat" official website. Import dynamic bones as needed. ✿ Contact ✿ If you have any questions about this model, please contact us from the following. LantanaTwitter: https://twitter.com/Lantana1592 https://www.pixiv.net/users/61511315

    Terms of Use

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xis8xSXeKhY09HbIkyfqU-Cw9t-Xx0jE/view?usp=sharing (英語) ❖ Summary 〇 The following actions by the user are permitted. -Modification of this model. -Use as an avatar for this model and modified models. ・ Regardless of whether it is for-profit or non-profit, perform game production, video production, image production, video distribution and performance activities such as Vtuber, and 3D space production using this model (see the URL above). However, if you are a company or corporation, please be sure to contact us. ・ Derivative work of illustrations, etc. using this model as a material and motif, regardless of whether it is for-profit or non-profit. 〇 The following acts by users are prohibited. -Prohibition of redistributing, selling, illegal copying, and pedestalization. -Make this model and modified model available to third parties with a service that has an avatar upload function. However, those due to functions such as avatars distributed by the creator Lantana are excluded (Public avatars and pedestals that are tried on). -Use with R-18G. -Use for the purpose of political or religious activities or slander to others.