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    VRChat AVATAR Harrison

    Published from : 2020/12/01 23:36:58

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    This avatar is designed to be used with VRChat. The content is UnityPackage and model data. UnityPackage is packaged in a preconfigured state. File Blender files(2.8.3) FBX UnityPackage Textures Avatar Body + Clothing  About -45,000  2048*2048 16 cards Saber  About -3000  2048*2048 3pcs Private Clothes  About -19,000  2048*2048 12 cards The shaders are configured in UnityStandardShader. Some custom shaders for double-sided display are used. About Avatar Full body tracking support Before importing package, please import DynamicBone. Lip-sync and 7 different facial expressions are pre-set You can move the saber in and out of the ExpressionMenu There are two types of textures: dark texture and intact texture Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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    It allows you to modify or alter the data Commercial Use Use in videos and games, etc. Use to R-18 and R-18G Prohibited items Redistribution and sale of this data Political and religious activities and use for defamation of others Disclaimer We are not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage that may occur when using this model. By purchasing this data, you agree to these terms of use. The Terms of Service are subject to change and the most current version will apply.