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    "Maid Clothes VketChan 1" Avatar for VRSNS

    Published from : 2021/08/26 15:31:05

    Product Details

    Thank you for your support! As per several requests received, we have decided to bring the model to the store! This is an avatar of Vketchan in maid clothes! *An extra motion of flyer distribution will be included! Polygon count 17,284 polygons [Contents] MaidVketchan.unitypackage ・This is a UnityPackage that includes a VRChat setup prefab. ・The latest version of VRCSDK3 is required for installation. ・UnitychanToonShader v2.0.7 from Unity Technologies Japan is enclosed. ▼ MaidVketchan.unitypackage Contents MaidVketchan ├/Animation ... Various animation files ├/FBX ... fbx files ├/Materials ... Materials ├/Omake │└/flyer_animation ... Flyer distribution that you can see in Virtual Akihabara. ├/Texture ... Texture files MaidVketchan ... Sample scene file VketChantV1.2_maid ... Prefab set up as an avatar Toon ... UTS2_ShaderOnly_v2.0.7_Release is included. * "Unity-chan Toon Shader Ver.2.0 (c Unity Technologies Japan/UCL)" is used [How to use] If you are using it in VRChat, import the latest version of VRCSDK3 first. In addition, import DynamicBone for setting the swaying of the skirt and hair. *UTS2 is included in the unitypackage, so there is no need to import it again. After that, import MaidVketchan.unitypackage. The model data will be extracted under Assets/MaidVketchan. Please upload the Prefab to VRChat.

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93