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    Published from : 2021/02/24 20:16:12

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    The first "ethnic fantasy story music CD" sent by LazuriP and fure (. +). 12 songs / 50 minutes recorded Published 2012.11.25 XFD https://youtu.be/3i5q846718g Special site http://elazuri.sakura.ne.jp/info/sb/ *Music List* 01.Story Box -Introduction- 02.Libra 03.Rebra 04.Poetry of a Diva 05.Silver Garden Sylvesta 06. Festival 07.Jeder Reise 08.Ihre Reise 09.Ende der Reise 10.REISE 11.Traditional song of the land of ruin 12.Libra Piano Ver. * Sample songs Diva poetry https://youtu.be/373vhVdtGgg Silver Garden Sylvesta (1 chorus) https://youtu.be/ECd5nzywleQ Festival https://youtu.be/tRv9UCtfKNM Jeder Reise https://youtu.be/yRMKWD7vrkg Ihre Reise https://youtu.be/VcC7hX3QJ6w Traditional song of the land of ruin https://youtu.be/HgW7Mo8GDDM *** Booth link *** * 1st album "Story Box" (DL / DL card) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/201172 * 2nd album "Story Box -Time-" (DL / DL card) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/97714 * 3rd album "Story Box -Forest of phantom tree-" (CD) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/171199 * 4th album "Story Box -Book of Crimson-" (CD) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/376610 * 5th album "Story Box -Water of recollection-" (CD) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/1102245 * 6th album "Story Box -Light of Flow-" (CD) https://elazuri.booth.pm/items/2452457 All other works are on Booth! https://elazuri.booth.pm/

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