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    Japanese EDM "Tha Girl Ninja Scroll

    Published from : 2023/08/24 13:53:09

    Product Details

    Japanese-style EDM with extensive use of Japanese instruments such as koto, shamisen, and kotsuzumi. The image is that of a girl ninja, a drifter who has lost her village. Synthesizer V Studio Pro was used for the vocals. The entire music video was shot in VRchat. Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement Jinno Lucio PV performance Jinno Lucio laz8406 Provided in three types of files: Wav, Aiff, and mp3 Includes images used in the music video Location VRchat World Cemetery back hot spring "Anoyo no Yu by Jinno Lucio A Better Tomorrow - Letter from a friend by Ruchio Nino DOLLS ~The Girl in the Dollhouse by Jinno Lucio The Wind that Resonates in the Sunlight by SakurameYuki

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    Terms of Use Permissions Personal Use: ・Personal use Permission is granted to play, share, and stream the music for personal use. Permission is granted to use the music as background music for the purchaser's own works. In such cases, the author's name must appear in the credits. Prohibited items Copyright violations: ・Unauthorized downloading or alteration of music Unauthorized downloading, alteration, or obtaining of music by illegal means is prohibited. Commercial use If you wish to use the music for commercial purposes, please contact the author to obtain permission. Resale and Redistribution Selling, redistributing, renting, lending, leasing, or sublicensing music is prohibited. Illegal use: ・Selling, redistributing, renting, leasing, or sublicensing music is prohibited. The use of music for illegal, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, immoral, or obscene purposes is prohibited. Political or Religious Use: Any political or religious use is prohibited. No political or religious use of any kind is permitted. These are the permitted and prohibited uses for downloading and selling original music. Please use the music in accordance with these conditions.