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    Published from : 2020/12/19 16:27:48

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    3D Model "The Founds" Producer: O-To-san You agree to these Terms of Use at the time of purchase of this model. The producer shall not be liable for any trouble or loss caused by the use of this model. 【Overview】 It is an original model with the motif of the hound of Tindaros of Cthulhu mythology, assuming use in VRChat. VRChat only supports Avater3.0. Please respond to 2.0 by your own. In addition to VRChat, it can also be used in various application media. Polygons: △24222 Texture resolution: 2048x2048px * Vket5 booths and promotional images show a four-legged pose, but the animation of the four-legged walk is not set.  We intend to update avatar 3.0 animation as soon as it is verified, but it is not planned.  There may be constraints, but don't expect it. 【Contents】 [FBX]  ・ The_Hounds_of_Tindalos_4LeggePose.fbx : Data of the 3D model that is the basis of quadruped walking.  - The_Hounds_of_Tindalos_HumanoidPose.fbx: Data of the 3D model of the T pose.  ・ The_Hounds_of_Tindalos_pose.fbx: Data of a 3D model with a pose on the whole body used in the Vket5 booth. [texture]  Tex: A texture with a fixed color. Comes with red and blue as examples of colors  Texfor3.0: A black-and-white color texture. It is for changing the color in the EX menu of Avatar 3.0. unitypackage   (About unitypackage internals)   In addition to all of the above, it includes prefab with animations and avatar settings.   If you want to import directly into Unity, import this only.   Before importing into Unity, please import VRCSDK and DynamicBone into your project in advance.   Since you are using Reflex Shader 2, the latest version is included. This is in accordance with the original terms and conditions. Readme: Be sure to read it.

    Terms of Use

    ・Can be modified ・ The copyright of this model and the modified model belongs to O-To-san. ・ You Can Use for Commercial. ・ No author display required when used in VRChat ・ Credit notation and author notation are required for commercial use. ・ Redistribution and sales prohibition (including modified goods) ・ Prohibition of self-made remarks ・ Prohibited from available to non-buyers (pedestals, etc. on VRChat) (excluding SAMPLE pedestals by the author) If there is a difference in meaning in english translation, the Japanese terms and conditions are correct.