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VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store

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    Sales start date : 2020/04/29 13:12:27

    Product Details

    It is a creature model with the image of a woman x pharaoh x insect that is intended to be used in VRChat. In addition to VRChat, it can be used in a variety of applications. Number of polygons: △17258 Texture resolution: 2048px At 2,500 yen, the special price is 2,000 yen until the end of the 4-year period of V-ket.

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use Can be modified The copyright of this model and modified model belongs to O-To-san. Commercial lyavailable ・No need to display the author when using VRChat ・When commercial use, it is necessary to write the author. ・No redistribution or sales (including modified items) Prohibition of self-made remarks ・Prohibited to be available to non-purchasers (such as pedestals in VRChat) (excluding sample pedestals by authors)