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    Published from : 2020/12/19 16:24:22

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    Avatar Model "Night Gone To NightGaunt" Producer: O-To-san You agree to these Terms of Use at the time of purchase of this model. The terms and conditions are subject to change and the latest ones apply. The producer shall not be liable for any trouble or loss caused by the use of this model. Overview It is a model with the motif of night gaute of Cthulhu mythology, assuming use in VRChat. Compatible with Avater2.0. No lip sync, no eye tracking Please respond to 3.0 by your own. In addition to VRChat, it can also be used in various application media. VRM data is also available, so it can be used for SERVICES in VRM format. Polygons: △16620 Texture resolution: 2048px No lip sync No eye tracking No full tiger aptitude (because the arm is too long) As a reference embed, I show the VRM given to VRoidHub, but the shader is different in the vrc setup, so the look is slightly different. Please understand. Contents [VRM] Nightgaunts (VRM) unitypackage  (About unitypackage internals)  The following are in it. Import directly into Unity.  The shader uses Reflex Shader 2 and ships with the latest version. This is in accordance with the original terms and conditions. ・ Nigahgaants (prefab): Prefab for a single avatar. It's set to animate your fingers tickle with rock 'n' roll.  NightgauntsinFlyObject (prefab): Prefab for avatars set to appear objects with flying animation applied in FingerPoint   * Please note that the latter is for two FBX files, so the number of polygons is doubled.   * If you want to use prefab, please import the latest VRCSDK first.  -[Animation]   Fling appier: Animation to appear flying in the above inFlyObject (prefab)   Flying: Animation of flying in the sky   TickleingFingerAnimation: Tickle Finger Animation  -[FBX]   Nightgaunts.fbx: Data of 3D models  -[tex]   No Name.mat: Body material   - DefaultMaterial_Base_Color.png: Base color texture   - DefaultMaterial_Normal_OpenGL.png: It is a normal map   O-To-sanmatcap15 .png: It is an image for the mat cap Readme: Be sure to read it.

    Terms of Use

    ・Can be modified ・ The copyright of this model and the modified model belongs to O-To-san. ・ You Can Use for Commercial. ・ No author display required when used in VRChat ・ Credit notation and author notation are required for commercial use. ・ Redistribution and sales prohibition (including modified goods) ・ Prohibition of self-made remarks ・ Prohibited from available to non-buyers (pedestals, etc. on VRChat) (excluding SAMPLE pedestals by the author) If there is a difference in meaning in english translation, the Japanese terms and conditions are correct.