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    Blindness Sisters

    Sales start date : 2020/12/19 16:19:49

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    Original 3D model 「Blindness Sisters」 Created by Makki The one with legs -> Older sister The one without legs -> Younger sister I would be happy if you could place them in the horror world. If you would like to purchase a wheelchair only, please visit Booth on Pixiv. 【Product Contents】 Blindness Sisters 3 textures (including wheelchair) 3 types of fbx (including wheelchair) Blindness Sisters.unitypackage Blindness Sisters_vn3license.pdf 【Product Specifications】 Number of polygons Sister △39,974 Sister2 △29,794 Wheelchair only △16,624 The Sister can be used as an avatar, but we think it is better to use it as an interior decoration. Full tiger suitability: x Only Sister2 has DynamicBone set. Shader: We recommend "Unlit_WF_Shade" or "Sunao Shader".

    Terms of Use

    「Blindness Sisters」 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MDAnRp4ySX9DxKAzwpEpFObUu68hba2F/view?usp=sharing