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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/05/04 16:21:24

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    ~~ 2020 5.24 アップデートしました! 詳しい内容は公式Twitterをご覧ください。 ~~ 本モデルは主にVRChatでの使用を想定した3Dアバターモデルです ●内容 Model Data ×1 Texture(psd) 2048×2048 ×5          1024×1024 ×1          512×512 ×2 Materials 6 ■同梱ファイル Unity Package FBX PSD 説明 lipsync Dynamic Bone対応 制作 RingoNeko aehn2018@gmail.com Twitter https://twitter.com/RingoNeko2018

    Terms of Use

    Terms of service We agree to these terms of service at the time of purchasing this model. The following terms of service may be changed, and the latest one will be applied. • Use the model as his or her personal avatar at the virtual spaces such as VR chat. • Obtain income derived from videos and visual arts projects • Modify and change the model The following items are strictly prohibited: • The usage of this model in any activities/actions/usages that may violate the criminal laws • Redistribution and sale of this model, or remodeled versions of this model (anything that can significantly harm the original design, data, and model). • The use of this model by the avatars other than the original purchasers. (This includes VR Chat's use on the pedestal) • The printouts of this model, using 3D printer, and any sales or purchases of such printouts. • Any secondary products made for the purposes of monetary exploitation that use this model; This includes doujingoods such as include books or figure models, and sales or purchases of such products • Any claims regarding the creator/originator of this model (Note: Remodeled models should be disclosed with the original maker as well) • Any usage of this model for the purposes that are contrary to public policy, politics, religious activities, and exploitation for the purpose of defamation against others • The usage of this model in sexual expression in which age restrictions above 18 are applied. Disclaimer · The seller of this model (Nekoringo)does not guarantee the application of the data. · The seller of this model (Nekoringo) does not bear any responsibilities regarding the usage of the data. · The seller of this model (Nekoringo) will not be responsible for any troubles, legal disputes, losses that occur from using this data. · If there is a discrepancy between the terms of use of the Japanese and the terms of use of the English due to reasons of translation, Japanese will be correct If there are other unknown points etc, please contact the following.