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    [Vket2023Winter]Muy -Dragon's Back-

    Published from : 2023/12/01 16:00:05

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    Thank you for downloading Muy This document is the manual of Muy This contains License file as a separate file. ■Change log■ 25 Dec. 2023 v1.1 Added the following features: Muy reunion spell tool ・In addition to the normal version, the tool now provides a setup option for avatar use as well as setup for ModularAvatar. ・Unused objects will be removed upon generation ・Added description Updates on Standard ・Added waiting motion ・Added motion to move wings Updates on For Avatar, in addition to the above ・Moved the default location to the top of left shoulder ・Muy will now follow the avatar ・Muy is now grabbable Updates on ModularAvatar ver., in addition to the above ・Added animation and voice upon turning on and off ・Added voice upon touching with Contact ・Added particle control using ExpressionMenu, with about six voice variations 20231202 v1.00 ■How to Import Avatar■ 1. Please download and install VRC SDK in Unity project from the official VRC website before you import the model. Please install Liltoon shader as well if needed. 2. Please import Muy.unitypackage in the folder. 3. How to input Muy reunion spell 1. Select Tools - Hikky - MuyPassword from the toolbar at the top of the Unity screen. 2. Enter the 6-digit number you got on the Dragon's back into the input form and click the OK button. 3. If the correct numbers are entered, the chanting was successful! Save the Prefab as is! 4. Please use the Muy_(6 digit password).prefab generated in the AssetsMuyPrefabs folder. ---- © HIKKY Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms. ・Personal Commercial Use ・Distribution of Derivative Works ・Diversion of Model Data For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true&ddw=true&dmd=true Uvlicense