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    DaB - Adore You by Harry Styles

    Published from : 2020/12/16 16:24:47

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    DeadAssB @DeadAssB17, uploaded by a lazy cat https://www.v-market.work/v5/catalog/circle/1605 ======================================== Dance animation made with VRChat and Udon. Details - Animation file and Preview Scene - Music not included - Requires Unity 1. Import the Unity package 2. Open Scene(.unity) file to view the animation. There is a README after the package is imported. Version ==================== v1.0.0 (12/16/2020) - Manual fps adjustment of animation to the timing of the original within Unity Description ==================== This motion was created in VRChat in Lox9973's ShaderMotion. So dances will be as good as the VRChat's tracking system. Credits ==================== Motion Captured from VRChat (https://www.vrchat.com) Instructions: POM

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    After purchase, motion file is free to use and modify. [Redistribution must get permission from the Author] Please credit the original Author when it is convenient to do so as it is polite, such as videos and VRCWorlds. Credit must be given if used for commercial purposes.