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    Quest Avatar <DooDooDuck>

    Published from : 2020/11/24 17:47:39

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    Vket5 "CurioCity - Tranquil" Spooky tree Square You can try on avatars at! I'm also composing the world music for CurioCity, so I hope you enjoy it! -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ---Model Specifications--- Quest Avatar Status: Medium polygons: 7500 polygons materials: 1 meshes: 1 textures: 1 Facial Expression Animation: 12 Original emotes: 1 ---Installation Procedure--- Import the following assets before importing the included unitypackage data: - VRCSDK2 (downloadable from VRChat official website) After that, import DooDooDuck_ver1.x.x.unitypackage and follow the VRChat upload procedure.

    Terms of Use

    ---Terms of Use--- These are the terms of use for the original 3D model "DooDooDuck" (hereinafter referred to as "this model"). By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms of use. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change, and the latest version shall apply. ---Copyright--- The copyright of this model and its modified models belongs to AUAUA, the creator of this model. ---Permissions--- Use of the model in services where the purchaser uploads the model to VRChat, etc. and uses it as an avatar, etc. Commercial use by individuals or corporations. There are no restrictions on monetizing the model on Youtube, etc. Modification of the model. ---Prohibited items--- Redistribution or sale of this model, the modified model itself, or the content data such as textures. ---Disclaimers--- Even if any inconvenience, damage, or other trouble occurs due to the use of this model, the author or anyone related to the author shall not be held responsible in any way. The author has taken the utmost care in creating this model, but does not guarantee the accuracy or safety of the data. You can freely modify this model at your own risk, but we cannot guide you to matters that are not included in this model. AUAUA may update this model, distribute this model, or suspend the license to use this model, and will not be held responsible for any problems or damages caused to users as a result.