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    Original model for VR avatar "Kokoro" [VRC compatible] [VRM compatible] [with MMD Shape]

    Published from : 2020/11/20 09:47:28

    Product Details

    ■ What about this model? ■ It is an original avatar model that can be used in VRchat and virtual cast. Since VRChat and VirtualCAST have already been set up, shaking objects and lip sync will work just by uploading. ■ Author: Kind-hearted shaven ■ We hold low-poly courses including this work on Twitter irregularly, so please follow us. https://twitter.com/KoKoRoBoUZu Introduction method After installing the assets listed in the required assets & precautions below, please import the heart assets. * If you do not install in the order of "required assets" → "heart assets", an error may occur.

    Terms of Use

    ■ Prohibitions Disclaimer ■ ■ What is allowed in this model ・ The purchaser is free to modify it as his or her own avatar. ・ You can freely use it for videos that are used as avatar models. ・ You are free to use non-profit icons and wallpapers. ■ Prohibitions ・ It is prohibited to use Avatar for Vtuber etc. with the original design. ┗Vtuber activity as our "Kokoro-chan" and I think that both sides will be in trouble. ┗Please contact us if you like this character and want to use it as an Avatar for Vtuber. ・ Redistribution and publicization are prohibited regardless of modification or non-modification. ・ Regardless of modification or non-modification, use in the game is prohibited. * Because we are planning to participate in the game during creation. ・ Use in public places is prohibited for 18 bans such as erotic and guro. * Private and private use does not apply, please use it to your heart's content. ・ Commercial use prohibited * Commercially available models will be sold at the Asset Store, etc., so please use that. ┗ VRC, VC, etc. are allowed to be reflected in places where others are paying distribution. ■ Disclaimer If there is a disadvantage to the user by using this model, The distributor is not responsible for any of them. ■ Copyright The copyright of "Kokoro" is held by the creator "Kokoro Kind Bozu", and even a part of the modification or model belongs to this model creator Kind Kind Bozu.