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    Kani-jin "Crab Human"

    Published from : 2020/11/06 23:22:51

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    KaniJin VR project! The first avatar "Kanijin(Crab-Human)". *Character Introduction The Crab-Human, that's the second Human race (as they call themselves). They have been planning to land to destroy the Human race. However, their natural enemies, the mermaids, are blocking their way and preventing them from landing. In order to find out the mermaid's weaknesses, the Crab-Humans sketch her and investigate, fighting the risk of being torn off and thrown. The day when the earth will be ruled by the Crab-Humans is near...! (??) "Humanity will be destroyed." *Avatar model specifications - 9056 tris - Number of SkinnedMeshes: 1 - Number of materials: 1 - Number of textures: 1 - Lip-sync support Supports AIUEON, sil, pp, aa, oh, ou, ih, th, nn, dd, kk, ff, e, ch, rr, ss - Support for desktop mode, three-point tracking, and full tracking mode. - 5 Blend Shapes for facial expressions - Support for VRChat Avatar 3.0 VRC_SDK2 is not supported. *Bundled items - Avatar setup unitypackage that can be used immediately with VRChat - Texture PSD file - 3D model Blender file *Shader used (not included) - UTS2 v.2.0.7(https://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0) *Unity version - Unity 2018.4.20f1

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms. ・Personal Commercial Use ・Distribution of Derivative Works ・Diversion of Model Data For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true&ddw=true&dmd=true [Notation of rights] KaniJin VR project Original idea and character design : Kani-Jin https://twitter.com/kanijin358 Produce and Setup : Phio https://twitter.com/phio_alchemist Modeling : Otori https://twitter.com/Otori0704