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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Frappe Original 3DModel Dragon

    Published from : 2020/04/28 23:49:26

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    Original 3DModel Dragon Frappe Creator 幸狐[moffox] All62000Poly Body50000Poly Body, Wear... separate mesh VRChat assumed model Unity Humanoid Type Shape key conforming to MMD Shape key for body adjustment Lip sync compatible Eye tracking compatible Full tracking support planned. Not supported right now [Contents] Readme Licence ID Map Unitypackage fbx PNG Texture Prefab [Required assets] v.1.0.3 VRCSDK2 EmoteSwitch UTS2 Shader UnlitWF Shader DynamicBone(optional) Please import VRC SDK etc. first Shader has 2 patterns  v1.1.0  VRCSDK3 Sunao Shader DynamicBone(任意 optional) [Modification] You can use the ID map as a mask when changing the texture. The ID map is a mask image that is color-coded for each part. [Adjustment] If part of the mesh is protruding due to shaking, it can be adjusted by setting the shape key of the body. The author is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by using the model. For model inquiries, please contact Twitter (@Draco_Lunax).

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    [Licence] Uni-Virtual License https://uv-license.com/en/uvl Allow commercial use as an individual Allow commercial use as a corporation Allow the use of adult expressions (sexual expressions) Allow adult (violent language) use There are other special notes Use adult expressions only in private spaces.     It is forbidden to use adult expressions on twitter, facebook, etc. where an unspecified number of people can see.