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    [VRChat assumption]VR Couple Straw ver2.0

    Published from : 2020/04/27 02:41:10

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    Wouldn't a couple straws be nice? We had a revelation that it would be a good idea, so we made these straws. There are 5 types of straws included in the package: 3 different distances and a type that is bent to make it easier to photograph with a camera. Please use them according to the situation or purpose. GPU particles are used for the carbonated part. Please use them to make your VR activities even more fun by placing them in the world or by planting them in your avatar. The polygon count is a little high to maintain quality. If there is a good response, we would like to offer variations of drinks, low-poly versions, cups, etc. Terms of Use By purchasing this model, you agree to the Terms of Use. Support will only be provided for purchases made through this page. ------------ The copyright of this model and modified model belongs to pao_ran. This model can be used for video production, distribution activities, commercial use, etc. No credit is required. You are free to modify the model as you wish. Redistribution or resale of this model is prohibited, regardless of whether or not it has been modified. Terms of use are subject to change, in which case the latest version will be applied. Use of this model for political or religious activities or for the purpose of slandering others is prohibited. Disclaimer The author is not responsible for any problems or damages caused by the use of this model data. Terms of use are subject to change without notice. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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