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    Cooker Set(Kocher,Hango,Stove)

    Published from : 2020/12/18 18:52:17

    Product Details

    This is a set of a stove for cooking with wood, a kocher(pot) for making curry, etc., and a Hango(rice pot). The contents of the Kocher can be easily changed with textures. Curry and stew are included. The Hango is available in a low-poly version (1778 poly) and a high-poly version (20,132 poly). The high-poly version can also have the lid removed. Free stove only, cooker set, and rice bowl set are available here↓. https://sack-gear.booth.pm/items/2610766 It is now on display at Vket5 "Metekolebka". Contents All in Unitypackage files (with preconfigured prefabs), fbx files, png files of the stove and Hango, psd files of the contents of the kocher

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