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    Published from : 2020/04/12 18:53:17

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    <Software Name>----------------- XM8 <Version>--------------------------- 1.0.0 2018.4.20f1 <A brief description of the distribution>----- This model is based on the image of the XM8 on the Doll's Front Line. We are preparing Unity Package for Unity subscribers. If you are installing and using it as is Please put Prefab in Hierarchy. <File Structure>----------------------- Referred to the Manual CGA001-MX8_ManualBook.pdf. You will need (c) Acrobat Reader to view the documentation. <Installation Information and Simple Usage> If you are using Unity, install Unity Package.

    Terms of Use

    <Disclaimer regarding this data> --------------- 1. Included in model number 007-01A (hereafter, this data) of this model data Actions that greatly damage the character's personality, Political, religious and antisocial expressions are prohibited. 2. The creator Tsubasa (ABChipika) will not be liable for any damages resulting from use. 3. This data is intended for VRChat operation, other software, We do not provide support or guarantee regarding the environment or scene. 4. Since this data is a fan work, it is not related to the developer Sanborn and Mica Team. 5. Secondary distribution of this data is not permitted. 6. Modifications of this data will be accepted unless it is secondarily distributed. For example, the modified data It is possible to bring it to VRChat etc. We will not claim copyright infringement against you. 7. Regarding the credit when you bring the modified data to VRChat etc., ㆍ It is not up to you to specify it, but it is up to you. 8. Content may be discontinued without prior notice. 9. Content may be improved without prior notice. <Copyright and License Information> Tsubasa (C) Art Book Chipika 2001-2020 E-mail : chipika13@hotmail.com Twitter : @winglet283