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    The 3D model "Komochan" ver2.00

    Published from : 2020/05/02 15:40:19

    Product Details

    ◇◇3D model details◇◇ VRchat assumed 3D modelVRchat assumed 3D model "Komo-chan" ver2.00 Circle : Azemichi no Nekomata Tei ( BOOTH URL : https://solanyandes.booth.pm/ ) Producer : Solanyandes ( Twitter : @solanyandes ) Total polygon count : 28262 Shader used : Unity-chan Toon Shader Ver.2.0.8 (https://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0) ◇◇Packages ◇◇ 3D model related files komo2.00.fbx (3D model data) komoBody_tex.png (Texture data) KomoClothes_tex.png (Texture data) komo2.00AvatarData.unitypackage (3D model data with basic settings)                       The above 4 types Terms of use for 3D models Read me(English).txt (this text data) Read me.txt (Japanese version of this text data)                       The above two types Folder containing images LipSync List (Please use it to check the lip sync.) Clothes Marker (This is a mark for clothes and headphones. Please use this when making changes. Use for any purpose other than modification is prohibited.) These are the two types.

    Terms of Use

    ◇◇Terms of Use◇◇ By downloading this model, you agree to the terms of use. These Terms of Use are subject to change, and the latest version will apply. We reserve the right to make updates, update the terms of use, or suspend distribution without notice. Even if these Terms of Use are translated into multiple languages and the content differs, the latest Japanese version of the Terms of Use shall apply. The producer assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience, disadvantage, loss, or trouble caused by the use of the product. The copyright belongs to the creators, solanyandes and Azemichi no Nekomata Tei. It is intended for use with VRchat, but may be used with other VRSNS services. You are allowed to modify this 3D model. ◇◇Prohibited items◇◇ Transfer to a third party by redistribution, sale, etc. Diversion of parts to create another 3D model or use as a material. Use of the image files contained in the Clothes Marker folder and LipSync List folder for any other purpose, such as altering other avatars. Making it available to others in VRchat by using avatar pedestal or other functions. To make it freely available to others by using similar functions in other services other than VRchat. Excessive sexual expressions that are offensive to public order and morals, violent expressions, expressions that slander others, and use in political and religious activities.