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    Japanese writer Koizumi Yakumo house 3D model

    Published from : 2024/04/15 22:28:44

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    Koizumi Yakumo (小泉 八雲, 27 June 1850 – 26 September 1904), born Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, was an Anglo-Greek writer, translator, and teacher who introduced the culture and literature of Japan to the West. His writings offered unprecedented insight into Japanese culture, especially his collections of legends and ghost stories, such as Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. Before moving to Japan and becoming a Japanese citizen, he worked as a journalist in the United States, primarily in Cincinnati and New Orleans. His writings about New Orleans, based on his decade-long stay there, are also well-known. (copied from Wikipedia) This house, where Koizumi Yakumo lived, is still extant in Shimane Prefecture inJapan and is now a designated national historic site. Where the Koizumi Yakumo Memorial Museum was built and part of this building can also be visited. The house was built in the Edo era (last Shogun-era in Japan) and the model includes the house, as well as the stables, storehouse and mud walls. Please use the house as a backdrop as a typical Japanese dwelling.

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    使用許諾について 本データは CC BY(クレジット表記アリ) として公開しますので、 ・商用利用 ・データ改変 いずれも可能です。 ※データをそのままの状態で再販することは禁じます。 クレジットは「ろい」または「Roy Nambu」として記載ください。