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    Sugiyamake house in Osaka important cultural properties in Japan

    Published from : 2024/03/29 23:07:36

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    The residence is located in Tondabayashi-city, Osaka. The official website describes it as follows. The Sugiyama family is said to have been involved in the founding of Terauchi-machi, and prospered as an old family in Terauchi-machi, being involved in the management of the town and running a sake brewery. The former Sugiyama family residence is one of the oldest townhouse buildings in Tondabayashi Terauchi-machi and was designated a Japanese Important Cultural Property in 1983. It is a spacious townhouse building. There're many kind of rooms in this house. large floor mold area(incl. kidchen), mid-2nd floow servant room, attic, spiral staircase, main-guest room, tea celemony house, and so on. The roof shape are complex, with the roof tile (named 本瓦 : hon-gawara) being a high-grade tile usually used in temple architecture, and the roof shape is straight on the west side and concave on the east side. The rooms are not only spacious, but also have many unique features, so you can use them as backgrounds in games and cartoons to create depth with a single model. The furniture is basically in the form of a separate model that you can purchase and place, but the shoji/fusuma sliding doors, hearth, toilet and bath are installed. For a comparison with the real thing, please visit the official website https://jinaimachi.net/facility_information/sugiyamake/

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