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    【VRC/VRM compatible original 3D model】Kitsune No Denpachi

    Published from : 2024/03/21 20:09:48

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    Legend has it that the fox secretly disguised itself as a human and devoted itself to study. The scroll on his back is said to be filled with his past achievements, but no one has ever seen what is inside. By the way, he has seven tails and is not a nine-tailed fox, which he says is a complex. ◆Model information (VRM) Humanoid format (VRM0.0) △36,604 Height: approx. 90cm 5 shape keys (with 7 VRC shape keys that can be adjusted in Unity) Blink and lip-sync support Operation confirmed with cluster (smartphone, PC, VR 3-point track) ◆Model information (VRC) Humanoid format △36,604 Height: approx. 90cm 12 kinds of shape keys have been set. Blink and lip-sync support 45 shape keys for facial expression adjustment 3 shape keys for hiding parts Operation confirmed with VRC (desktop Quest stand-alone 3-point track) PhysBone settings have been made. Avatar rank: Medium (PC), VeryPoor (Quest alone) ◆Contents <VRM version> VRM file *Please refer to the uploading method to cluster here⇒ https://clusterhelp.zendesk.com/hc/ja/articles/360003309051 <VRC+VRM set version> UnityPackage VRM file FBX file Blender file (created with 3.6.2) 4 textures (PNG) We use lilToon and FaceEmo. Please download them from the following links. lilToon https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 FaceEmo https://booth.pm/ja/items/4915091 【Upload Method】 Install Unity 2022.3.6f1 and VCC, import UnityPackage after importing the above two files in advance, drag and drop Prefab to Hierarchy, and upload to VRChat from Show Control Panel. Upload to VRChat from the Show Control Panel. Uploading should be done in "private" mode. ◆Prohibited items Redistribution or resale with or without modification Use against public order and morals Use of the model for political or religious purposes. Any use of this model that causes trouble to the author or others. No returns or refunds will be made after purchase. ◆Disclaimer We will not compensate for any damage caused by the use of this model. Please use this product in a sensible manner at your own risk.

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