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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2024/03/01 14:23:06

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    "Unit R3-1 is a brand new robot that's built for speed! Be it transporting items, traversing rough terrain, or racing, R3-1 is the unit for you!" Avatar Details: -16 Faces -8 Skins -Hue and saturation sliders -Switch between a matcap and metallics -Outline slider -Party Mode Includes: -PC and Quest Unity Packages -Base Files -PSD of main texture Requirements - VRChat SDK3 - Unity 2019.4.31f1 LTS - Poiyomi 8.1 or higher (https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases) Performance rated Excellent on PC and Poor on Quest Sliders and Faces are not present in Quest version due to platform limitations

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing this model you agree to the terms stated below, the terms are subject to change: -Do not sell or redistribute this model -Do not upload as a public model on VRChat -Do not use for hate speech, religious purposes, political speech, NFT/crypto, and/or content that violates the terms of service of VRChat -Personal use and editing is permitted. For commercial use, please contact me directly for potential inquires -Copyright is held by this user If you find any issues or errors with this model, please contact me.