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    Galleries ready-to-go on Vket Cloud! "GALLEREAL" World Package

    Published from : 2023/12/14 13:41:40

    Product Details

    This package is for creating a gallery world on Vket Cloud, by placing your images/3D models on the VketCloudSDK installed on Unity. As basic setup is completed, the world can be released by setting up images and registering world information on the Vket Cloud official website(https://cloud.vket.com/en/). The gallery world can be accessed by URL, with no application installs or sign ups! ## How to Install 1. Prepare a UnityProject with the VketCloudSDK installed. For installation instructions, refer to the SDK manual below. https://vrhikky.github.io/VketCloudSDK_Documents/latest/AboutVketCloudSDK/OperatingEnvironment.html 2. Extract the downloaded Unitypackage to the unity project. 3. Open the GALLEREAL scene from Assets > Scenes, and place the images, 3D models, etc. to be displayed. For example, choose the Exhibits_img18 > Graph in the Hierarchy, and change the material or referred image to change the displayed image. 4. If placing the exhibits are completed, check the world on your local environment by selecting "Build & Run" from the VketCloudSDK tab. *World is not uploaded yet at this point 5. If the world is ready, access the Vket Cloud official website to enter your mypage > world management page, and register information such as world name, thumbnail, etc. 6. Upload your world by selecting "Upload to Remote Server" from the VketCloudSDK tab on Unity. 7. By selecting "Publish the world" on the world management page in the Vket Cloud official website, your gallery world will be open to public on the My Vket world list page. Also, by selecting "copy link" on the world management page, you can paste the world access URL anywhere you like. Spread your world URL on social media, and invite many people to see your gallery! My Vket - Worlds: https://vket.com/en/play/world For more instructions and guide on how to use GALLEREAL, check the note article below: https://magazine.vket.com/n/n6f931ca4f1b1 ## Precautions * In order to use this package, you must install the VketCloudSDK. For instructions, please refer to the manual page below: https://vrhikky.github.io/VketCloudSDK_Documents/latest/AboutVketCloudSDK/SetupSDK_external.html * On using this package on the SDK, you must set the Unity settings recommended by the SDK. For instructions, refer to the SDK manual: How to install VketCloudSDK. https://vrhikky.github.io/VketCloudSDK_Documents/latest/AboutVketCloudSDK/SetupSDK_external.html#setting-api-compatibility-level * Please download only if you agree to the terms.

    Terms of Use

    Please do not redistribute the provided data such as the SDK and GALLEREAL 3D model. You must not use the distributed assets, such as the model data, outside of Vket Cloud.