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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Ornaments(VketAvatar texture)

    [Vket2023Summerリアル]Vket×秋HUBコラボカフェグッズTシャツ「Illustration by 大川ぶくぶ」

    Published from : 2023/07/28 12:17:40

    Product Details

    バーチャルマーケット2023リアルinアキバ オフィシャルTシャツです。 VketAvaterのビックシルエットTシャツに差し替えて、お使いいただけます。 ■更新履歴■ 2023/7/28 v1.00 Vket×秋HUBコラボカフェグッズTシャツ「Illustration by 大川ぶくぶ」をリリースしました ■MyAvatar導入方法 導入方法は動画でも紹介しております。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5oeEkOe8a8  導入手順は以下のサイトに記載されています。 https://note.com/virtualmarket/n/n36204c969f06?magazine_key=m1ab2c23b233c ①Vket Avatar Maker( https://avatarmaker.vket.com/edit/ )にアクセスして下さい。 ②「アカウントでログイン」を選択してください。 (アカウントがない場合はゲストログインでもアクセスできます) ③「スタート」を押して、右上にある洋服のアイコンを選択してください。 テクスチャ差し替え機能で作ったオリジナルパーツの一覧が表示されます。 ④右上にあるハンガーのアイコンを選択してください。 アバターと服の型紙のような画像が表示されます。 ⑤左下にあるプルダウンメニューを選択し「ビッグシルエットTシャツ」選択してください。 服の種類を変更できます。 ⑥「変更」をクリックするとファイル一覧が表示されるので、ダウンロードしたファイルを選択してください。 左のアバタープレビューにデザインが変更されたTシャツが表示されます。 ⑦右上の保存ボタンを選択し、保存を行います。 デザインしたTシャツが表示され、カスタムパーツに保存されます。 ⑧左上の矢印からアバター一覧に戻り、右上の+アイコンからオリジナルでアバターを作成するか、制作済みのアバターのハンガーアイコンから編集を行います。 アバター編集画面が表示されます。 ⑨一覧から洋服アイコンを選び、カスタムパーツを選んでください さきほど導入したVket×秋HUBコラボカフェグッズTシャツ「Illustration by 大川ぶくぶ」が表示され、着替えさせることができます。 着替えたアバターは右上のアイコンから保存することができます。 ---- ©HIKKY Co., Ltd.

    Terms of Use

    1.Definition of Terms 1.Assets: Digital data such as characters, accessories, and costumes that can be used on a computer. 2.Models, etc.: The 3D models and assets related to the corresponding 3D models that are subject to this Terms of Use. 3.Copyright holder: the person who owns the copyright of the Models, etc. 4.User: the person who downloads and uses the Models, etc. 2.Establishment of User’s Consent. The User shall be deemed to have understood and agreed to all of the Terms by using the Models, etc. 3.Conditions of Use HIKKY Co., Ltd. is granted by the Copyright holder a non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license to commercialize the Models, etc., throughout the world. The copyright holder may modify, restrict or change the content of the license at any time, either in advance or after granting the license, based on its reasonable necessity. In addition, HIKKY Co., Ltd. may, at any time, immediately revoke all or part of the Models, etc. (including their functions), for the purpose of complying with such modification, restriction or change without the consent of the User by refunding the consideration to the User. Prohibited uses shall be as set forth in the following two paragraphs. In the event that voice data is in the Models, etc., the use of such voice data by the User is prohibited regardless of the reason. 4.Prohibition of acts that interfere with the rights of the Copyright holder If the method of use of the Model, etc. obtained by the user through purchase or download is an act that interferes with the benefits that the Copyright holder could have obtained now or in the future, or an act that interferes with the distribution, update, or suspension of publication of the Models, etc by the Copyright hodler, such acts shall be prohibited. 5.Prohibited Matters 1.Use of content that is an adaptation (changes to the color and shape of the Models, etc.) of the Models, etc. (However, the prohibition does not include the creation and use of content that retains the color and shape and uses the Models, etc.) 2.Commercial use of the Models, etc. and the content that uses the Model, etc. 3.Usage when the User is a corporation 4.Political or religious use of the Models and the content that uses the Models, etc. 5.Use of the Models, etc and the contents using the Models, etc. for adult contents 6.Use of the Models, etc. and the contents using the Models, etc. for criminal acts or anti-social expressions. 7.Use of the Models, etc. or the contents using the Models, etc. for any act or purpose that is offensive to public order and morals or for any expression that defames a third party. 8.Falsifying the data of the Models, etc. as the User’s own work 6.Penalty for violating the Terms of Use 1.In the event that the User violates these Terms of Use, any and all licenses shall automatically terminate, and the User shall immediately stop using or delete the Models, etc. 2.In the event that a User infringes on the rights of the Copyright holder, the Copyright holder may demand compensation for damages from the User, regardless of whether the infringement was intentional or negligent. 3.The User shall be obligated to take countermeasures against unauthorized use of rips, etc., by a third party to the extent that he/she normally does, at his/her own responsibility. 7.Changes to the Terms This agreement may be changed, deleted, or added to at any time. In such cases, the uploaded terms will be posted on the relevant website with the contents, revision data, and version.