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    The Legendary Adventure Tale Characters

    Sales start date : 2023/08/27 07:30:19

    Product Details

    ive braught my story book characters to the 3d environment for all to enjoy! Credits are already included in a file. but here is fallowing credits: Hairs by- QuQu, Cupcake, Kanna, Hakanage Outfits by- Cupcake,KishinShinobi, Swizz,MMDFakewings18 Bases by- Paige Baldwin, blueoaks and more. Still Interested in Commercial Use with these guys? go for it i included a Commercial License! Im selling these old versions to fund my upcoming projects.

    Terms of Use

    Rules for use!!! Credit me. You may edit them however you like & repurpose to fit your needs. You may not resell as is or the originals but edits of them is fine to sell and are free to do so. May not be used for free avatars. Originals Not intended for commercial use outside of edits.