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VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store

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    Sales start date : 2023/08/27 06:57:25

    Product Details

    Credits- Edited by me Texture base by Jun Ayame. im only charging for the textures i made not for the asset itself. the asset base was by Jun Ayame to use for commercial use in this and was included for additional edits with their permission offcorse.

    Terms of Use

    TOS Non-commercial (private) use: use the texture is OK. no credit required (but appreciated) Edit textures is OK, no credit required. You are not allowed to redistribute edits of my textures on Marketplaces or sell them. Import your avatar to platforms like Cluster or VRChat if they wear my textures is OK, no credit required. For commercial use: Using my textures or edits of them in commissions is allowed with credit. Uploading public avatars with my textures that can be used commercially require Credit too. It is OK if Avatars wearing my textures, are used commercially (Streaming, VTubing) with credit. Not Allowed: Claim you made any of my stuff Sell my items (with the exceptions stated above) Redistribute the textures as they are. please link back to the item if someone asks. You are not allowed to use the Item in unethical ways that harm or endanger others, or their creative property. Such as hate speech, discrimination, bullying, or scamming.