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    Withfur! VRChat Avatar Base

    Sales start date : 2023/08/03 08:40:24

    Product Details

    Introducing the Withfur VRChat avatar! An original 3D model, your favorite low-poly furry friends are now available to customize! Now you too can get your own globetrotter ID! △ 1770 tris Full body tracking available PhysBone compatible VRCSDK3 compatible What is included? 1. Base model mesh. 2. Different tail, ear, and body fluff meshes. 3. The 512x texture layout. 4. Default PhysBone settings. 5. Fallback sign mesh. (for users wanting to create fallback avatars). 6. Custom avatar thumbnail layout. (an alternate version of the "globetrotter ID"). 7. Expression Controller. (for mouth visemes, tail wag and ear flick).

    Terms of Use

    Legal: The copyright of the Withfur avatar belongs to the creator, fribsey. If the Japanese version of the TOS deviates from the English version, know that the English version takes precedent. From the moment you download this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. I have the right to update/modify the TOS at any point. Last Updated: 3/14/2023 What are you ALLOWED to do? 1. You CAN modify the model and texture. 2. You CAN upload to VRChat as a PRIVATE avatar. 4. You CAN remove the tag mesh on the avatar. (Though it is preferred you keep it). 5. You CAN use this avatar on platforms other than VRChat, e.g. VTubing, other games, etc.* *While I do allow usage of these avatars on platforms other than VRChat, I do not endorse nor approve of any of these other platforms. As of now I maintain exclusivity to the VRChat platform, and I do not see that changing anytime soon. What are you NOT ALLOWED to do? 1. You CANNOT upload to VRChat as a public avatar. 2. You CANNOT include avatar on a world pedestal. 3. You CANNOT redistribute any of the assets given, regardless of if said assets have been modified. 4. You CANNOT claim that you created these avatars. 5. You CANNOT claim these avatars as "Authentic", "Original", "Certified", "Approved", or any terms that may insinuate endorsement. 6. You CANNOT use these avatars for promotional/commercial material or in any advertisements.* 7. You CANNOT remove any of the signatures from the avatar texture. *Unless explicitly stated otherwise by me, fribsey, personally. I will not be taking requests for approval of usage in said material. Please respect my work: 1. Do not create NSFW aspects of these avatars. 2. Do not create politically controversial aspects of these avatars. 3. If you are going to keep the tag mesh on your avatar, please keep the original "fribs" texture.