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    Cloud -Envoy- Humanoid Original [3D Character]

    Sales start date : 2023/07/15 14:39:48

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    X PC/ Quest Compatible - Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and Prefabs] - 4k textures Included - Beanie and Hoodie Toogle - FBT ready and Dance Ready! [watch videos] - Alternate Necklaces - Alternate Hair Colors (Red,Blue,Gold, Silver etc..) V1.3 Update Quest Compatible Now :) Most toggles work except beanie and hood V1.4 Update Cleaned Mouth Texture and Gave a new material to choose between no gloves and gloves V1.5 Update Phys Bones Update with cleaner Bones on hair and Nice movement with better settings -Poiyomi 8.0 Updated Quest Version Now has phys bones if you want to upload that Version ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Base and Rig: Vroid (Super Edit by MizuFox) Clothes : Shirt, Pants and Shoes Vroid (Edit by MizuFox) Hair, Horns, Envoy Mask, Crystal Keychain, Hood, Mustache, Beanie lowpoly, were made by Myself Initial Beanie and Metal necklace/bracelet were Made by MemoMii#3069(there's no link, he isnt selling them) --------------------------------------------------

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