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    Published from : 2023/06/27 12:32:29

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    ========== ※ この英文は、翻訳サイトを利用して翻訳した物です。可能な限り原文と意味が通じるように翻訳しましたが、正確ではない可能性もあります。ご承知おきください。 * This English text was translated using a translation site. The translation has been done to the best of my ability, but it may not be accurate. Please understand that this. ========== This is a world-installed maze box gimmick that can be played with mazes that are automatically generated on a daily basis. Use it as a toy in your room or as playground equipment in a meeting place. The long side of the maze box with the "BALL RESPAWN" button is at the bottom (front). In this state, the start point is the upper left corner and the goal point is the lower right corner. The BALL RESPAWN button can be used to return the ball to the starting point. The MazeBox can be seen in action in the following demo worlds. MazeBox Demo by CANREALIZE: https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_7dafa6f0-5e77-46e4-b4e9-885773c087f6 [How to set up] * The explanation of how to prepare and use Unity, VRChat Creator Companion (VCC), and VRCSDK3 is omitted. (1) Preparation of U# (UdonSharp) world project (1)-1. After launching VRChat Creator Companion (VCC), click "Create New Project" in the upper right corner. (1)-2. Click "Worlds U# (World Project with UdonSharp)" in "Select template". * After that, follow the instructions to prepare the project as you normally do, and wait for Unity to start. While preparing your project, please refer to [Recommended Environment] to check the version of the package to be installed. (2) Import the necessary files ((2) and after will be done after Unity has finished starting up) (2)-1. Import the file "MazeBox-1.0.unitypackage" into Unity. (2)-2. Import the file "com.mmmaellon.smartobjectsync-3.3.10.unitypackage" into Unity. * If you do not import these two files, the system will not operate properly. (3) Place the prefab in the scene * The scene file "SampleScene" in the "MazeBox" folder contains the completed prefab placement in the scene. You can use it for trial runs or as a base for modifications. (3)-1. Open the scene to be placed. (3)-2. Open the "Assets" tree on the left side of the "Project" tab in the following order. Assets -> MazeBox -> Prefab (3)-3. Confirm that the item "MazeBox" appears in the wide space on the right side of the "Project" tab, Drag and drop the "MazeBox" into the "Hierarchy" to add it. [Setting] The "LCEngine" in the child of the "MazeBox" in the prefab you placed has two settings for the maze generation engine as shown below. If you change other than these two settings, it may not work. Please be careful. (1) Maze No Specify a maze box number in the range of 0 to 99. When the "Maze No" numbers are the same, the same maze may appear depending on the timing of the generation. (2) Generation Mode Sets the maze generation mode. The maze is generated when a world instance is created. (2)-1 Always Random Always generate a random maze. Maze boxes with the same "Maze No" number may generate the same maze depending on the timing of generation. (2)-2. At Daily Interval A random maze is generated every day. If it is the same date, it will not change. The same maze is generated in the maze boxes with the same "Maze No" number. * The date is calculated in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). [Restrictions] (1) The behavior of the ball in the maze box is not synchronized with that of other players, so there may be differences from the actual display if there are violent movements. * Only the ball is a local operation. (2) The "BALL RESPAWN" button can be used to return the ball to the starting point. However, this operation is applied to all players, so be careful not to make a mistake if you are watching a player who is operating the maze box. * This is a measure to allow all players to return the ball to the starting point if another player stops operating the maze box. (3) Due to the limitation of collision detection, the ball in the maze box may jump out of the maze if the player performs an action that embeds the maze in another collider (an object with collision detection). If the ball goes out of the maze, the "BALL RESPAWN" button can be used to return the ball to the starting position. [Recommended Environment] This asset has been tested in a newly created World U# (UdonSharp) project in VRChat Creator Companion (VCC). (1) Unity Editor Version Unity 2019.4.31f1 (2) VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) version VRChat Creator Companion v2.1.2 (3) The following packages must be installed with VRChat Creator Companion (VCC) VRChat SDK - Base 3.2.1 VRChat SDK - Worlds 3.2.1 VRChat Client Simulator 1.2.6 VRChat Package Resolver Tool 0.1.21 UdonSharp 1.1.8 [Assets in use] PURI_MAT by PURI_IZM : https://priestly.booth.pm/items/4376154 金属風マットキャップ_vol1 by arthurgao : https://arthurgao.booth.pm/items/4805730 lilToon by lilLab : https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 SmartObjectSync by MMMaellon : https://github.com/MMMaellon/SmartObjectSync [Update History] 2023/07/29: v1.0 released

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    The VN3 license is applied to this asset. You can download a compressed ZIP file containing only the license PDF file by clicking "VN3 License PDF (for download)". This asset uses the "wood grain" texture material from "PURI_MAT" ( https://priestly.booth.pm/items/4376154 ), an asset sold by Puri_san. Due to the licensing terms of this material, you will need to purchase a separate license for "PURI_MAT" if you wish to use it for corporate use or to divert it for modification. If you want to avoid this, you need to replace the "wood grain" texture material you are using with another texture material.